Flack Pack

Media Kit Madness

Episode Summary

On this episode, we explore re-imagining the press kit in the digital age with Penn State lecturer Bill Zimmerman.

Episode Notes

When we hear from journalists that all they want is a one or two sentence story pitch, we have to weigh whether the media kit is still worth the effort. Certainly, digital kits with logos, infographics, and photos have utility. But in the Internet age, what about kits you can hold in your hand? Where do those add value? Or do they? Recently, students in Bill Zimmerman’s PR Media and Methods class at Penn State considered the old-school media kit and ways to make them better. Robert caught up with Zimmerman to find out how the students did, creating media kits for the university’s new Roaring Lion food truck, and the lesson these budding PR pros have for the rest of us.

Also, Robert and Jessica play a very fashionable round of the Buzzer Beater, while Flack Pack interns Sarah and Sharon revisit a 1929 PR campaign inspired by a classic novel. Finally, Steve Barnes delivers the week’s biggest PR news headlines in his report from the O’Dwyer’s PR newsroom in New York City.


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